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Welcome to the Old Barn and the New Sheepskin Showroom

What do you do with an old barn that’s lost its purpose? A lot of thoughts went through our heads wondering if we should abandon the old furnishings which housed the animals in days gone by. Cows, pigs and horses were common on even small farms like ours in the past. Producing your own food was a matter of survival before everything was available in the supermarket. 


Eventually we took the step and transformed the animal area which now will be our new showroom for things we produce on the farm. Alongside  our beautiful  lambskin you can also find garn, cushions and an array of articles

 made from wool. We also have an onsite fur workshop where we produce our sheepskin products.

The sheep we have are heritage breeds, Gotland and Leicester, which graze the surrounding area. They are renowned for their super soft wool which creates wonderful sheepskins.


Looking for a beautiful sheepskin? Give us a call  to make an appointment and we can show you what’s on offer. 

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