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2-night package trip

Enjoy the tranquility, peacefulness and natural beauty of Dalsland.

Why not spend a couple of nights away from it all? This 2-night package lets you explore nature at your own pace. Forest Walking at the nearby mountains at Sörknatten or paddling in the calm waters of The Dalsland canal is all you need to unwind.

This all inclusive trip includes meals and maps as well as 2 nights at the one of theHermitage cabins.




Day One - RELAX

Arrival at Swedish Country Living after 17.00. You will be shown around the farm with useful information and tips.

An evening meal you make from local ingredients can be eaten in the beautiful Orangery.



After a relaxing sleep a large farm breakfast is served. Time to explore the surroundings perhaps by canoe or kayak? Pick up your packed lunch and prepare for your outdoor adventure. Wander at the nearby mountains. Follow the Pilgrim trail to Håverud or take a trip on the canoe. Read more bellow about your options. In the evening you will enjoy dinner at the nearby restaurant, Brasseriet, in Håverud.



Wake up calm and relaxed and brew a coffee on the outdoor fire. After enjoying your Farm house breakfast perhaps there’s time for a morning swim, if the weather allows.

At 11 am its time to check out and take all your wonderful memories home with you.

Walking trail


Head for the Mountains

It's just a short drive to the beautiful Nature Reserve at Sörknatten which has outstanding views from the mountain top. The area is very hilly and the altitude varies from 50 to 142 meters above sea level. A fairly easy walking trail of about 40 minutes will get you there. From here you can wander along the ridge which is a straight trail. A journey of approximately 2 hours. Sörknatten is known for being one of the recording sites for the film “Ronia, the Robber's Daughter”, written by Astrid Lindgren. It was here she made her famous spring scream.


Wander in the Crown Princesses footsteps

Another alternative is the Pilgrim trail. A beautiful hiking trail in Dalsland that begins in Vänersborg and stretches 100 km to Edelskogs church in Åmål. From here you can start your hike at Svankila and follow the trail to Håverud just as the Crown Princess Victoria did on her Royal Wandering tour in 2018. In Håverud you can explore the famous Aqueduct. The aqueduct in Håverud is made of riveted sheets of steel and is one of a kind. What makes the site even more impressive is the fact that both a rail and a road bridge pass over the aqueduct. 

Feel the Flow

If you prefer the calm waters of the Dalsland canal are only a short walk from your cabin. Take a canoe and go with the flow. The Dalsland landscape is so uniquely Swedish with an abundance of versatile scenery. You see idyllic situated red cabins, pristine forests, picturesque lock settings and clear mirror like lakes. A trip on the canal is a trip on one of the world’s most beautiful waterways and through a miniature Sweden.

In the evening you will enjoy a delicious meal, admire the amazing sunset and have time to contemplate on the things you have experienced.



  • Breakfast in your cabin or at the Orangery

  • Tea, coffee and water in your room

  • Use of canoe or kayak with life vest

  • Packed lunch

  • Dinner at the Brasseri at Håverud and in the Orangery

  • Maps and information

  • Solar panel for charging your equipment

  • Use of Backpack, thermos, water bottle , torch mm

  • 2 nights in a Hermitage cabin with large double bed

  • Outside toilet facilities near the cabin

  • Private bathroom with shower behind the Orangery

  • Woodstove

  • Outdoor grill

  • Total meals:  2 Breakfasts, 1 Lunch, 2 Dinners


TOTAL PRICE: The Hermitage,  A-Frame Hermitage or Slate house Hermitage: 5300 sek.  

 (prices per person minimum of two)


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