The Hermitage
The Hermitage

Outdoor living

Close to Nature
Close to Nature

The Hermitage
The Hermitage

The Hermitage
The Hermitage

Outdoor living


THE HERMITAGE is a nature experience beyond the ordinary. Situated at the edge of the forest with a fantastic view of the water.

The newly built Hermitage is as close to nature as you can get. Large windows, a warming fireplace and a large bed. This is for guests that appreciate Simple Living since the house is free from electricity creating a detox from stress and a perfect place for solitude and reflection. Room for 2 people with a large breakfast included in the price.

Living off-grid in Dalsland has never been easier.

The Hermitage makes Sustainable Living easy

Accommodation at The Hermitage is a sustainable way to enjoy your vacation with as little environmental impact as possible.

The house is built of wood from our own forest and sawn locally in Skållerud about 7 km away. The windows & doors have been reused and have been given new life in this house, which reduces their environmental impact.

The walls are insulated with sheep wool, a natural material that is fireproof, soundproof and harmless. The floor is insulated with Hampa, which is a non-toxic by-product from Hampa cultivation. The hemp regulates moisture and has a deterrent effect on mice.

The living roof consists of plants such as wild strawberries and Orpine that are taken from the surrounding environment.

Food, environment and health are interconnected. We believe in short deliveries and are happy to serve food from our own production or locally produced in the vicinity. The farm is KRAV certified and our sheep keep the natural pastures open which creates the possibility for increased biodiversity.

We apply a zero-waste policy where food residues are given to the animals on the farm or composted.

Our muscovy ducks are free grazing and provide us with duck eggs while working with snail control. The hens lay our breakfast eggs and control parasites by grazing freely after the sheep in a mobile chicken house. We grow our own vegetables with the Permaculture cultivation method. The vegetables are fertilized with sheep manure in a perpetual cycle.

We conduct holistic management on our natural pastures to build up the land. Through concentrated grazing pressure and constant movement of the sheep, the grass's root system increases, which improves the soil's ability to counteract dehydration or flooding. In addition, a so-called carbon sink is created which takes care of carbon dioxide emissions.

The toilets have urine separation and the urine is used diluted for apple trees. Feces are broken down and the compost turns into soil.

Our energy consumption is environmentally certified via green electricity.

If you value environmentally friendly accommodation why not try a couple of days off-grid at The Hermitage?

Unwind, relax and get closer to nature.


PS Come by train and we can pick you up at the train station.



Living Area: 20 m2

Number of rooms: 1

Number of beds: 2


Towels and bed linen included

Open fireplace

Candle lighting

Drinking water

Comfortable seating

Solar powered charging equipment available


Outdoor toilet/bathroom

Outdoor furniture


Use of Canoe for stays of at least 2 days


Price per person and night including breakfast:  1500 sek.

2 night package all inclusive 3850 sek per person.

3 night package including all meals: 5350 sek per person.




Open landscape


Grazing sheep


Breakfast is included in the room price.

Nearest restaurants ca 10 km


We have several all inclusive packages including food, guiding and sightseeing. Contact us for details