Just the two of you

Dreaming of getting away from it all? Looking for somewhere where you can be  together and just have time for each other? Then this is for you..

A couple of days together in an off-grid Hermitage cabin with the one you love.

A Romantic Weekend

Sometimes all you need  is an open fireplace and a cosy cabin. Book a Romantic weekend with us and enjoy an all inclusive 2 night stay in a luxurious Hermitage cabin. With breakfast in the Orangery, lunch at your cabin and dinner at the Boathouse.. Bring your own wine and let your hair down.

Go for a morning swim before breakfast and you're ready to discover the surroundings. Why not take a canoe and enjoy a packed lunch at the nearby island?  In the evening you'll be spoilt with a delicious meal made from local ingredients..

There's plenty to discover here  or you can just chill together and  embrace the tranquility.

Romantic Couple