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Who knows where life is taking us?

Our journey started in the city and took us to the countryside and now we are proud to share it with you.

From Fashion to Farming and Holiday accommodation 

Swedish Country Living  - Making life meaningful
After 20 busy and hectic years in the city with our own successful fashion company we found something was missing in life.  The stress of everyday life didn’t leave time for the things that meant most to us. Somehow our focus seemed to be on the wrong things with family and time to relax always losing out as business always came first.When we bought the property as a Summer house in 2005 it was an eye opener. Wow! This was real life. Close to nature, close to the water and time for the family.
We soon realized that our priorities had been wrong. Later the same year Swedish Country Living was founded and we decided that this was the place we wanted to be.But what could we do out in the countryside to earn a living?After years of pondering we decided our only option was to move out and see what happens.
n the Autumn of 2011 we sold our company,  packed our bags and moved out into the countryside. Our lifestyle changed overnight and Swedish Country Living took form.

Come and stay
with us


Sharing the countryside with you

Today we can look back and concede that we made the right move. Our Summer house has become a farm with sheep grazing in the fields and ducks and hens pecking in the lush green grass. We spend our days outside almost all year round and enjoy the magnificent views and fresh air that only the countryside can offer. Life in the countryside has given us a new start but also the responsibility to protect the amazing environment that surrounds us. But what’s the use of creating paradise if you can't share it with others?  Thats the reason we opened up for guests to stay here in the countryside and experience true Swedish Country Living.  There are so many things to do and see here whether you are looking for a calm relaxing ”close to nature” break or an adventurous wildlife happening. 


Take your time to look through what we have to offer. Who knows? It could change your life too!​

Marie & David

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