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Climate-Smart package

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Two nights in the forest in a climate-smart way! 

According to WWF, most climate scientists agree that the accelerating climate change we see today is caused by human activities.

Therefore, we want to offer the opportunity for a more climate-smart way of vacationing. Our hermitage cottages have been created to show that you can both build and live Climate Smart with a sense of luxury. By building with wood from our own forest, recycled doors, windows and pure natural materials, you can be sure that very little environmental impact has gone into the construction of our hermitage cottages.

Even the bathrooms have an environmental thought as the water for the shower comes from the lake and the grey water is purified through the plant beds in the Orangery before it returns to nature. The walls and floors are made of clay and saturated with linseed oil, all to avoid chemical sealing layers that are not degradable in nature. The toilets separate urine and faeces which are composted and everything is taken care of so that the nutrients return to the soil.

The electricity is produced via solar panels on the roof of the stable and there are also charging facilities for electric cars.

The food on the farm is produced on site through regenerative agriculture. Our vegetables are grown organically according to permaculture principles. The farm is Ecological certified and meat from our own lambs, sheep and ducks is served here. The sheep recreate the unique cultural landscape with large, beautiful oaks and natural pastures. The animals are moved over the forest grazing lands in a way that increases biological diversity and can contribute to increased carbon storage.

Overnight stay for two in a magically beautiful place

  • Architect designed dream cabin

  • Enjoy the tranquility of the beautiful cultural landscape

  • Take a morning swim or canoe trip

  • Pickup at the station or charging your own electric car

  • All food is included

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Choose between the Slate House Hermitage and the Original Hermitage. Cozy "off grid" accommodations with room for 2 people without electricity and water but which really feel luxurious. Here you can enjoy life in front of a warming wood stove and feel really relaxed.

 Unwind in the middle of the old cultural lands with hundred-year-old oaks and close to the water in the Dalsland canal. The cottages are built with natural materials from the site, such as wood from our own forest and recycled building materials. A sustainable way for you to connect with nature and the one you love. Here, time stands still and you can enjoy clean air and fresh water.

Each cabin has a private bathroom with underfloor heating, shower and toilet in the Circular-Water-house, where a circular water purification system returns the water to nature.



We can offer pick-up by electric car for guests arriving by train at Mellerud. The journey is about 10 km. There is also a 22KW solar panel-powered charging post if you prefer to bring your own electric car.



Food, environment and health are connected. We believe in short deliveries and are happy to serve food from our own production or locally from the surrounding area. The farm is Ecological-certified and our sheep keep the natural pastures open, which creates an opportunity for increased biological diversity. Through regenerative agriculture, we work for increased soil health. This leads to increasing the soil's ability to adapt to changing weather due to climate change, and we can also contribute to an increased humus content in the soil, which creates a prerequisite for an increased carbon sink (storage of carbon dioxide in the soil) thanks to planned grazing pressure.

We apply a zero-waste policy where leftover food is given to the animals on the farm or composted.

Our ducks are free-range and give us duck eggs at the same time as they work on snail control. The hens lays our breakfast eggs and processes parasites by grazing freely after the sheep in a mobile hen house. We grow our own vegetables with no-dig cultivation methods according to regenerative principles (permaculture). The vegetables are fertilized with our own sheep manure in an eternal cycle. The food on the farm is "grown here" - with everything from the farm's own meat from the nature-grazing sheep to home-grown vegetables. We pick wild herbs and create meal experiences directly from nature.



This includes the use of a canoe or kayak when staying in an architect-designed hermitage cottage. The cabins are close enough to the water for you to take a dip in the morning or evening. This is a wonderful place to just be and reconnect with nature or each other. Hiking opportunities are available with many beautiful pilgrimage trails nearby. Or why not cook in the outdoor kitchen in the evening sun with a view of the water and the magnificent nature?



The package can be booked from April to October and is valid for 2 nights



  • Pickup at the train station in Mellerud by electric car or charging your own electric car

  • 2 nights in one of the Hermitage cottages

  • Breakfast in your room or in the Orangery

  • Tea, coffee and water in your room

  • Use of canoe or kayak with life jacket

  • Packed lunch

  • Dinner served in the Orangerie or outdoor kitchen

  • Private bathroom with shower, toilet & charging facilities for mobile phones etc. in the Circular-Water- house

  • Enjoy the simple life in a hermitage cottage and the relaxed environment with outdoor furniture outside the cabins

  • Fireplace in the cabin

  • Towels and blankets

  • Maps and information

  • Solar panel for charging your equipment

  • Use of backpack, thermos, drinking water bottle, flashlight, etc.

  • Outdoor toilet near the cabin

  • Barbecue

  • Total meals: 2 breakfasts, 1 packed lunch, 2 dinners


TOTAL PRICE: SEK 5450 (per person, minimum 2 people)

Good to know:

Select cabin when booking. The original Hermitage or Slate House Hermitage

The cabins are without electricity but have lighting and a heat source.

Electricity is available in your private bathroom where you can charge your electronics with solar power.

Non-alcoholic drinks are included. Bring your own wine if you want.

In the outdoor kitchen there is a refrigerator, gas stove and wood-burning pizza oven.


PLEASE NOTE! Inform us about food allergies or special diets before booking

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