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The Slate house


Dog-friendly accommodation

Bring your dog when you stay with us. Here on the farm, you'll find the male dogs Sunny (Border Collie) and Leo (Collie). This place is a paradise for dogs with plenty of space for nature walks in the beautiful surroundings. With 20 hectares of cultivated fields nearby, it's easy to add variety to your walks.

About a kilometer away is Köpmannebro lock with a beautiful harbor and the old bridge. Welcome to a memorable vacation for both you and your dog.

Accommodation with a dog

Choose between the spacious Skippers Cottage with self-catering, a garden, and a jetty, or the cozy Slate house Hermitage, a luxurious off-grid cabin for two with a wood stove at the edge of the forest.

In the houses, there is a water bowl, a dog blanket, and a dog bed (for smaller dogs). Here, you live close to the water, and if your dog gets muddy, there is the possibility to hose off or bathe in the lake.

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The Skippers Cottage

The Slate house Hermitage


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  • In case of an accident, there is a veterinarian in Dals Rostock about 20 minutes away.

  • The farm's dogs are friendly and playful but may want to protect the main house.

  • There are sheep grazing in parts of the fields. Avoid having the dog in those areas.

  • Other guests may be afraid of dogs or have allergies.

  • When dining in the Orangery, your dog should wait in the cabin.

  • There are many nice trails here. Ask us for walking tips.

  • Both large and small dogs are welcome.

  • Dog supplement: 500 SEK

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