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From Swedish CountryLiving to Baldersnäs manor

Experience the Best of Dalsland for 4 nights

From a forest cabin…

Stay 2 nights in the middle of nature in a luxurious off-grid hermitage cabin. This all-inclusive package includes everything you need.

Enjoy time together in a luxurious architect designed cabin for 2. The cabin is off-grid which means it is without electricity and running water. But here there is a warm stove and lighting that makes it easy to unwind. You get access to a private bathroom with shower and toilet, where you can also charge your electronic devices. The package includes all food and non-alcoholic drinks. You stay close to the water and therefore you have access to your own canoe. Enjoy the tranquility and the unusually unique nature created by the grazing animals.


This 2-night package includes:

Free access to canoe

2 farm breakfasts

2 dinners

1 packed lunch

2 nights in a luxury Hermitage Cabin


After 2 scenic nights in a hermitage in the forest, it's time to experience manor life.

Herrgården Baldersnäs is a short journey (40 min drive) from here.

…to Manor Luxury

At Baldersnäs everyday life is filled with fantastic accommodation, delicious tastes and magnificent nature!


Here, the charm from the turn of the century is mixed with today's standards so that you can enjoy your stay to the fullest. Here there is plenty of space for relaxation and inspiration. You can choose to live in the manor house or our wings with a view of Salmon Lake. In both cases, we can guarantee you a wonderful overnight stay. After two nights in nature, we invite you to comfortable beds and luxurious dinners with walks in the English park.

Manor package with 2 nights' accommodation, part in a double room in the manor/wing, arrival coffee at check-in, breakfast buffet both days, three-course dinner the first evening and five-course tasting menu the second evening.

Manor package with 2 nights accommodation, part in a double room in the Manor/wing.


This 2-night package includes: 

Welcome coffee with sweet and savory 

Three-course menu 

Five-course menu

2 nights accommodation 




Total price per person SEK 8,450 for 4 nights.

Applies to bookings for 2 people


Total price SEK 16,900 for 2 people



This 4-night package is only available on the following dates:

  • 9-13 May

  • 29 May - 2 June

  • 26 June -30 June

  • 25 July - 29 July

  • 28 August - 1 September

Contact us directly for bookings and more information.

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