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A Weekend of Learning and Inspiration

For those who are thinking of changing their lifestyle. Meet like-minded people, take part in a weekend full of inspiring meetings and stories. We want, when you leave the farm, to have had an experience out of the ordinary and to have been inspired to take the next step in your dream of change.

What’s the Schedule?

This is a 2-day package, all inclusive, with food and accommodation in a luxurious off-grid Hermitage Cabin with its own separate bathroom. Combine a cozy relaxing weekend with meeting others who want a fresh start in life. We cook together in the outdoor kitchen and enjoy what the farm has to offer in the sunset overlooking the lake.

You check in on Friday when it's convenient, we do a quick tour then you get to relax in a Hermitage cabin or take a trip in the canoe before dinner is served in the orangery, or depending on the weather and the other participants we cook the food in the outdoor kitchen in the evening. We get to know each other a little before we meet again the following day to enjoy the farm's large breakfast. After breakfast, we go on a tour around the farm's various activities and talk about how we work with the land. You can even get to take part in the daily sheep movement. We then meet in the boathouse for a coffee, where we introduce ourselves, the farm and the journey we have made. We invite you to talk about opportunities, setbacks and visions. The atmosphere will be pleasant, relaxed and we will be able to exchange experiences with each other.

Lunch on the farm.

In the afternoon, you have the opportunity to swim and bask from the boathouse's jetty. Or perhaps use the Infrared Sauna? Those of you who didn't have time to paddle on Friday can now take a trip on the water. Or just relax and reflect on the input you received during the exciting meeting with like-minded people.

In the evening we meet again in the outdoor kitchen to cook together, here you can further strengthen your thoughts about realizing your vision.

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Who are we targeting?

We target couples who are thinking about maybe changing their lifestyle. Do you long to be more disconnected and less stressed? Or are you looking for a new challenge in life? We want to give you the opportunity to meet like-minded people and at the same time tell you about our journey from the big city to the countryside. Our idea is combining a pleasant break with some inspiration and a chance to meet others in a similar situation.


PLEASE NOTE! This is not an education but an opportunity to broaden your horizons in a beautiful environment. We make no demands but want to provide the opportunity for reflection and lessons from our own experience. It's your life and the decisions you make take you where you want to go.


What does it cost?

Price per person SEK 6,500 when booking at least 2 people and valid for 2 nights all-inclusive We accept a maximum of 6 people per event. Two per cabin.

Book weekend // Change lifestyle

Fri-Sun: 21/4-23/4 and 26/5-28/5 and 15/9-17/9


  • 2 nights in one of the off-grid Hermitage cabins

  • Breakfast  in the Orangery

  • Tea, coffee and water in your room

  • Use of canoe or kayak with life jacket

  • Coffee with lecture in the Boat House

  • Dinner in the Orangery and in the Outdoor Kitchen

  • Private bathroom with shower & toilet in the circular water house

  • Charging of electric gadgets

  • Outdoor furniture

  • Fireplace in the cabin

  • Large comfortable double bed

  • Towels and blankets

  • Cooking in the outdoor kitchen

  • Access to the Boathouse with IR sauna and bathing jetty

  • Solar panel for charging your equipment

  • Charging possibilities in your private bathroom

  • Use of backpack, thermos, water bottle, flashlight, etc

  • Towels and blankets

  • Outdoor toilet

  • Barbecue

  • Total meals: 2 breakfasts, 1 lunch, 2 dinners


PLEASE NOTE! Contact us directly for bookings and more information. 

This event is not possible to book online.

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