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After a long bumpy journey with the pandemic chasing at our heels it’s time to consider what we need and want to live our lives to the full. Reconnecting to nature is a perfect way to invigorate your personal connection to the planet.

A few days living off-grid in a beautiful Hermitage with your favorit person is all you need.

DALSLAND is the perfect place for a "Back to Nature" break. The natural surroundings are pristine and the many lakes ands waterways are never far away. If you need time to be together with your loved ones and recharge your batteries this is the place.

We offer beautiful holiday living for large families in fully equipped large country houses or an intimate off-grid stay for two at The Hermitage cabins. Read about our SPECIAL PACKAGES here.

Whatever your choice we're sure you're going to have a good time and hopefully bring a little rewilding into your life.


interior of the Hermitage

Unwind at the original



New Hermitage cabins

Sustainability is a key word for us and made us think about how we could create a more sustainable way for people to get closer to nature. Cabins without electricity or running water but with a feeling of luxury. Within the pastoral landscape but close to the waterfront. Built with locally sourced natural materials. The result became the first Hermitage.

The original Hermitage

Built with natural materials from the surrounding forest and insulated with sheeps wool and hemp

The original Hermitage is a beautiful Tiny house with room for two and looks like it’s grown in the forest. Only the clean cut Scandinavian interior reminds you that this is more than just a cabin. This is a place to relax and unwind. Book an all inclusive package and leave your worries behind.

Following the success of the Original Hermitage there are now two NEW off-grid Hermitage cabins.

New A-Frame Hermitage

The stunning A-frame Hermitage is spacious cabin with a cool Scandinavian interior. The interior wooden paneling in birch and aspen creates a wonderful backdrop to the view through the large double glazed window panels. With a floating fireplace and cosy sleeping loft this is the place for your dream holiday.

New Slate house Hermitage

Clad with over 4000 slate tiles the new Slate house Hermitage looks a little bit like a Gingerbread house. The seven large windows give you a great view of the nearby natural pond and the large surrounding trees.

Enjoy an early morning coffee on the sunny veranda. In the evening the log burner will keep you warm.

Looking for something bigger?
Take a look at one of our self-catering houses. The Skippers Cottage   and  The Shipyard Farmhouse
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